Apple IT Support Services

IT Acceleration’s managed IT services specializes in end-to-end Apple IT support services and maintenance for the full spectrum of Apple products. Whether you have a small business running on Macs or a large corporation with the need for Mac/Windows integration services, our many years of integrating enterprise technologies give us the knowledge to harmonize your environment, under budget and on time.

Use of Apple Devices Growing

Mac adoption in companies has been soaring. In fact, Apple device growth has increased by 128% since 2010, while Windows devices have grown by 13% over the same time period. When given the choice, a recent report found that 72% of users prefer Mac computers, versus 28% who choose PCs. And 75% of users prefer Apple or Android phones. Companies are increasingly embracing Apple devices mostly due to user preference, but more importantly, iOS is a secure platform for business and generates fewer help desk tickets. Companies benefit from lower support costs and productivity.

Why IT Acceleration for Apple IT Support Services?

  • Decades of experience with Macs. IT Acceleration has experience spanning back to the earliest Mac models, such as the Apple IIe. This long-term experience has provided insight into numerous issues and challenges.
  • Fortune 100 corporate enterprise experience. We’re currently managing a Mac environment for a Fortune 100 company with support around the globe. That means we cover a lot of ground, both geographically and in our ability to handle the most challenging issues.
  • Mac or PC or both, we can help. In addition to our breadth and depth of knowledge of Macs, our experience with Windows is equally vast. The two environments can be seamlessly and methodically integrated, and IT Acceleration can migrate from one platform to another. Hybrid environments are no problem. We have developed processes and tools that allow users on varying platforms to effectively work together and share resources while maintaining the integrity of these resources.
  • True to our name, we skillfully troubleshoot and solve problems quickly. That means cost-effective Apple IT support services. Our support processes are streamlined from years of experience.
  • Even better, we prevent issues. We take a proactive approach to our Apple IT support services. We’re always looking ahead to deliver solutions that improve your IT experience.
  • Technical support 24×7. This includes all Windows & Apple devices: Mac desktops, iPads, iPhones and any Apple network device. Our technicians are skilled at handling issues from all OS platforms and can address any questions that arise regarding software, hardware, and applications on Mac devices.
  • Digital forensics specialists. IT Acceleration has been an industry leader in digital forensics for more than a decade, which includes performing digital forensics and data recovery in a Mac environment.

IT Acceleration Can Assist with All of Your IT Support Needs

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