Philadelphia Computer and Digital Forensics Services

Digital Forensics vs. Computer Forensics

ITAcceleration provides computer and digital forensics services to philadelphia area and national clients. This is a photo of one of our investigators typing on a computer keyboard with a flashlight in his mouth. Nothing’s simple anymore. We’re all increasingly mobile and connected. That means computer forensics isn’t just about desktops and servers, it includes all things digital – smartphones, tablets, portable storage devices, email, chat, social media, network, and meta and structured data.

For computer and digital forensics to have weight in our legal and judicial systems, evidence (the methods used to collect evidence and expert witnesses) all have to be able to stand up to detailed examination in court and be credible. 

Why Use ITAcceleration?

ITAcceleration is a Philadelphia-based computer and digital forensics company that uses state-of-the-art and industry best practices to collect, preserve, analyze, store, and present digital evidence.

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