Technology Management and Support Philadelphia

About Us

MISSION:  Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service while supporting our corporate and legal clients with high-quality, comprehensive technical solutions that ensure data integrity and security, industry and legal compliance, and system reliability.

FOUNDING:  Founded in 2002, ITAcceleration is a full-service technology management and support, digital forensics and web hosting company headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. We are technically accomplished, highly responsive, and laser-focused on customer satisfaction.

CUSTOMERS:  ITAcceleration provides Fortune 2000 level technology, network, and computer support services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Philadelphia region and nationally.

Why Choose ITAcceleration?

The management team at ITAcceleration each possesses more than 30 years technology experience spanning everything from strategy to execution and support.

Philadelphia tech support company, IT Acceleration Founders David Yarnall, Fred Munizza, and Michael Garcia

ITAcceleration Founders – David Yarnall, Fred Munizza, and Michael Garcia

We specialize in high-impact solutions that deliver immediate benefit while satisfying your needs and adhering to your budget. Our name (ITAcceleration) evolved from a reputation for being able to quickly complete projects that may have been lingering in other shops for months or even years.

  • We keep things simple and affordable. We don’t over engineer IT solutions. We customize them to fit your needs and budget.
  • We aim for immediate benefit. Sometimes speed is more important than bells and whistles.
  • We serve as an extension of your business. Our services and solutions are aligned with YOUR priorities, needs, goals and objectives.
  • We are responsive, accountable and work on or off-site, whichever works best for you.
  • We take business personally. We cultivate and value lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, vendors, and partners.

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