Mobile Forensics (iPhone, Android, Smartphone, Tablet, Cloud)

People and organizations are increasingly mobile and ever reliant on smart devices and tablets to conduct business, communicate, and store information. Changes in portable computing have outpaced any other user-operated device since the introduction of the PC.

These devices are often a key factor during litigation discovery. Mobile forensic investigators need to keep pace with technology and know how to access, analyze, and leverage data on these ever-changing devices. Even highly-trained law enforcement analysts can make irreparable mistakes that make or break a case. In the highly publicized December 2016 San Bernardino shooting case, the FBI told government workers to tamper with the Apple account of suspects believed to have carried out the shooting. It was then impossible to see if there was another way to get access to data on the shooter’s iPhone without taking Apple to court.

Mobile, smartphone, and tablet forensics are a subset of digital forensics, an area in which IT Acceleration has been an industry leader for more than a decade. We developed a digital forensics methodology that is a litigation support best practice used in high-profile cases all around the country. We use it daily.

The IT Acceleration Approach: Outsmart the Smartphone

IT Acceleration is a Strategic Planning, IT Managed Service and digital forensics company. We know and keep pace with technology. Our “measure twice, cut once” approach gives clients confidence in our ability to recover information. We start with the end in mind, employ the best tools, and use chain-of-custody and court-approved processes. Why is this important to know up front?

  • The smartphone’s operating system may dictate changes to the approach. IT Acceleration is an expert in Android, iPhone, IOS, Linux, Windows, Blackberry, and Sim card digital forensics.
  • Specific devices have limitations and are constantly evolving. Our experts understand this.
  • Forensic tool vendors may report a successful acquisition even when data is missed. Our experts understand the fine line between when tools can be heavily relied upon for information and when they should just be used to guide our investigations.
  • Among other technologies, IT Acceleration uses Cellebrite, the number one smartphone acquisition and analysis tool on the market.

IT Acceleration Can Assist with All of Your IT Support Needs

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