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Solutions To Slow Running PCs

Your PC is running slow. You may have even just recently purchased it. What is going on??!! There are two common culprits and solutions to slow running PCs. Installed Programs vs. System Resources Malware and Viruses Our Help Desk troubleshoots these issues every day....

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Backups and Cloud Computing

Why Backups Are Important Your computer stores data on a hard drive. It's a lifeline, but it's also an electro-mechanical device prone to failure. If it breaks, if your data gets corrupted, you stand to lose everything. While today's hard drives are very efficient and...

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The Very First EZImager

EZImager is a software utility which can be used to securely and remotely capture and preserve digital forensic data. It was developed by IT Acceleration in response to market demands. This post explains what happened. Starting out as an IT outsourcing company, IT...

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