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The Reason SEO Is Squirrely

You’re driving down a dark country road late at night and suddenly a squirrel darts out in front of you. You hesitate. You don’t know if the squirrel is going to go left, right, stand still or run straight into you. SEO is like that. It's hard to predict the outcome...

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Who Says Friday the 13th is Bad Luck?

IT Acceleration recently surprised local area residents Shannon and Vickie Austin with a check in the amount of $2,500. The check is to help finalize the purchase of a Duet Pedal Assist Bicycle like the one shown on the right. David Yarnall, a principal with IT...

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Microsoft 10 Is Finally Here!

Windows 10 is finally here, and there is much rejoicing! With Windows 10, Microsoft has carried over the good parts of Windows 8 - faster boot times, improved search, and improved security - and fixed the bad parts that drove everyone crazy. While it isn’t perfect,...

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