The End Is Near… for Windows Server 2003 Support

With Windows Server 2003 support ending, companies need to start planning now for migrations before a disaster hits!

On the heels of support ceasing for Windows XP earlier this year, Microsoft also announced that it is ending Windows Server 2003 support in its entirety on July 14, 2015. Now is the time to start making your migration plans to prevent cyber security threats to your organization, as warned by the Department of Homeland Security. If you need to make the transition, read more to find out how your business may be impacted and the steps you can take to prepare for this change.

According to Microsoft as reported by Computer World, an estimated 39% of all installed Microsoft servers are using the 2003 edition, equating to more than 9 million servers just in the U.S. Last month, the Department of Homeland Security issued an alert stating that running unsupported software could expose businesses to greater cyber security danger, as well as compatibility issues and regulatory non-compliance. Businesses running on this soon-to-be outdated server operating system will no longer receive security patches, technical support from Microsoft and software updates after the July deadline, which could translate to loss of confidentiality, integrity, availability of data, system resources and business assets. These negative consequences could mean a long recovery process for businesses that do not make a transition to a secure option.

A migration of this scale requires a detailed roadmap and IT Acceleration recommends that you take action as soon as possible to upgrade your XP machines and 2003 servers. This may also be a good time for a complete IT infrastructure assessment. For example, you could simply upgrade your server to the newest version of Windows server or you may want to consider thinking about migrating some or all of your business’s applications to “the cloud”.

Cloud solutions are known for increased managed security, reduced costs and is scalable to meet your needs. Find out if Cloud Computing is right for you. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have to find an upgrade solution best suited for your business needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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