Big Changes, Familiar Display Coming to Windows 10

Move over Windows 8, skip right over Windows 9 and make way for Windows 10

Windows 10 is slated to launch in fall 2015 as recently reported by Reuters. Microsoft is making the leap, not just numerically, but Windows 10 promises significant desktop improvements and a common platform across multiple devices, bringing together the desktop and mobile experience. Is Microsoft going to get it right this time? Learn more about some of the new features and other big changes coming to Windows 10 that many have been waiting for.

Users complained about Windows 8 and Microsoft is responding with a more user-friendly interface. In Windows 10, Microsoft is bringing back the much-loved start menu (which forced many Windows 8 users to find workarounds), but this time with newer features. There will be the traditional, but revamped start menu and some, but not all of the tiles (which can be customized), for those who desire one or both options. In addition, the new multi-window view will allow for four apps to run simultaneously in a four quadrant layout.

Use different profiles for personal and business? Windows 10 will help you work more efficiently with the ability to create different desktops and seamlessly switch between them, picking up right where you left off.

Windows 10 will share common code with other Microsoft products, including its smartphone operating system, allowing developers to more easily create apps that work across different devices. This is especially significant for the tech-savvy user who has multiple devices. All of the same preferences will be readily accessible and synched to your other Windows devices – phones, tablets and laptop/desktop PCs. In addition, Cortana, the Windows Phone virtual assistant, is going to be available to Windows 10 users as well.

More is yet to come, including the official launch date. According to TechSpot, we’ll learn about more new features, to be revealed at the Build conference in April.

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