Duet Pedal Assist Bike

The Duet Pedal Assist bike from Frank Mobility Systems

IT Acceleration recently surprised local area residents Shannon and Vickie Austin with a check in the amount of $2,500. The check is to help finalize the purchase of a Duet Pedal Assist Bicycle like the one shown on the right.

David Yarnall, a principal with IT Acceleration, presented the check to Shannon and Vickie at the St. Teresa Avila Church in Norristown on Friday, November 13, 2015.


When Shannon Austin was 14 years old, she was hit by a car resulting in a traumatic brain injury and leaving her a Quadriplegic. Over the past seven years, she has endured 45 surgeries and has made significant progress.

I became aware of Shannon’s story after befriending her mother Vickie. Vickie is the attendance secretary at the local high school where my children went to school. In 2011, my son was about to graduate and was subjected to a bout of senioritis. I periodically had to go to the attendance office to reconcile his lateness. Vickie shared her story about Shannon and it blew me away.

Vickie is always upbeat and happy and engaging; interested in what is happening with you. You would never suspect anything like this was going on. As a parent, she’s an incredible inspiration.

That was almost 5 years ago.

The St. Teresa Avila Church Bazaar

Last week Vickie mentioned her fundraising efforts in a Facebook post. She invited friends to come to the St. Teresa Avila Church Bazaar on Friday the 13th to help raise money for a variety of worthy causes. Within 48 hours, I was able to share Vickie and Shannon’s story with clients and vendors and raised $2,500 – the exact amount the Austin family needed to close the gap on be able to purchase the $5,000 bike.

All of us at IT Acceleration are excited about Shannon’s continued progress and look forward to the years of enjoyment Shannon and her mother will derive from this bike.


A number of local businesses and benefactors came together to make this donation possible. In addition to IT Acceleration, they include:

Thanks everyone! Here is a quick video of the family being presented with the check. Enjoy!

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