In the Forbes article “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015,” the focus of data access, creation and availability could not be more profound.

Mobile device usage has grown exponentially and has taken over a large share of web access including web application usage. These devices, such as smartphones and tablets, frees the end-user from the stationary desktop computer to accessing data on the move virtually 24/7 from anywhere. Although some websites are not yet 100% mobile friendly, and the ads can certainly create havoc on a user’s experience resulting in leaving the site, look for the developers to enhance the user interface for the mobile user and smaller screens.

The Internet of Things (IoT). We see this subliminally everywhere but “things” are becoming fitted with embedded technology to communicate and report via the Internet. At the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show this week in Las Vegas, this very concept will take center stage displaying home products that can communicate and be operated via the Internet. IoT has opened the door for many non-tech vendors to participate at this year’s show since technology has been added to many typical household items such as thermostats, lights, security, smart appliances and even wardrobe.

3D Printing will become cheaper as the advances and uses will continue to evolve. President Obama is the first president to have his bust made from 3D printing significantly reducing the sitting time of the president with better accuracy. 3D printing has streamlined the process of concept to prototype. This technology opens the doors for entrepreneurs to develop new products cheaper and faster. Look for an array of new products created with 3D printing technology.

And of course, the Cloud Computing will continue to evolve to provide better and more secure centralized access from a variety of devices. Back-end operations and application efficiency will improve data and bandwidth usage providing the end-user with a more robust and faster experience.

With advancements and the maturity of these technologies, I foresee 2015 being one of the fastest years where evolving technology will change the landscape of IT and manufacturing.

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