IT Acceleration provides community outreach and this week was no exception. A fire devastated the home of a local family and David Yarnall, president of IT Acceleration, contacted the family to offer data recovery services.

“This fire was in my neighborhood and the family is so generous with their own time coordinating and participating in many non-profit and charitable events. It was a shame and the amount of damage was extensive. We see time and time again home computers that are not backed up. In this case, who knows what the computers were subjected to so we took them from the home and back to the lab for analysis and potential data recovery.”

The fire started in the kitchen area and quickly spread up and across the extended rancher. Those at home reported hearing the smoke detector just prior to the kitchen sliding glass door exploding from the excessive heat. “Luckily these folks were in the other side of the house and were able to evacuate. The fire department was on site quickly, but the roofline was engulfed at that point and spread across the entire house. I was impressed with the efforts of the King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company. Not only do they respond immediately and work quickly, but throughout the house many articles were protected with tarps. It’s amazing they had the forethought to do that at the time”.

The computers were evaluated and there was some smoke penetration, but all were tested successfully and returned. In the event problems were identified, IT Acceleration was equipped to do whatever was necessary to recover data and get these family computers operational. “Having an IT and digital forensics business allows us to provide services such as these and we are grateful to be in a position to help. Our hearts go out to this family and we hope their recovery is fast and thorough”.

For more on the fire. Click here

Donations are being accepted for the Shepperds via:
King of Prussia Fire Company
170 Allendale Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Att: Sheppard Family

There is also Facebook page with regular updates at:

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