EZImager is a remote digital forensic imaging device that helps lower the time and cost of forensic data collection. It makes remote data collection faster and easier, especially when you’re presented with time or budget challenges.

The IT Acceleration EZImager has been providing efficient and court-approved remote forensic collections for a while now. It has been in increasing demand as companies move to a virtual workplace.

The original intent for EZImager was to collect data from an employee who was traveling or lived in a rural area. The service entails sending a collection device and FedEx return envelope overnight. The recipient at the other end uses detailed instructions to image their device and deliver it back to IT Acceleration. The process typically takes four business days including shipping. It eliminates travel expenses and can significantly reduce the cost of an onsite image session.

EZImager Has Evolved

Today, we use EZimager for a variety of reasons. The device is capable of remote forensic data collection onWindows, Mac, server and USB devices, all while keeping the collected data secure with 256-bit encryption.

Recently there was one computer in a remote region needed for analysis. Instead of flying an analyst to the location, an EZImager was shipped overnight and the employee was able to successfully forensically image his own computer. When it was returned to IT Acceleration, the audit logs and re-hashing of the image confirmed its authenticity and met with court approval.

We also use EZImagers as part of our routine onsite forensic collections, particularly when we know the imaging process is going to run overnight. We can set the EZImager up at the end of the business day and allow it to run for 16 hours or more. We can also run multiple EZImagers in parallel to streamline data collection.


Remote forensic collection devices are becoming more accepted by legal teams who require speed, efficiency and cost management. Our data collections are the most complete and most efficient in the industry. EZImager is just another tool in our kit to get the job done right the first time.

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