Why Backups Are Important

Your computer stores data on a hard drive. It’s a lifeline, but it’s also an electro-mechanical device prone to failure. If it breaks, if your data gets corrupted, you stand to lose everything.

While today’s hard drives are very efficient and long lasting, they all ship with a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) statistic meaning, all hard drives will break down eventually.

The false perception that hard drives are long lasting and durable is a big problem today. Everyone has gotten so used to computers that are quiet, reliable, and capable of storing mass quantities of data. They are often not prepared when the inevitable crash occurs.

There is a very simple way to protect yourself from lost data – backups.

What Should Be Backed Up

Network data should always be backed up and stored off-site for security and redundancy, but PCs are usually forgotten. All current computer operating systems ship with backup software installed. Many external drives also include backup software. Another increasingly popular option, cloud-based backup systems, can be very inexpensive and your data is backed up and stored in “the cloud“.

But, like a smoke detector missing a battery, a backup left to faith is not going to protect you from hard drive failures.

How Cloud Computing Helps

Comprehensive cloud services take the worry of backing up your data off your plate.

Cloud-based computing involves running your systems (applications and services) and accessing the data on a series of computers hosted and accessible via the Internet. In this scenario, the cloud service provider would be responsible for backing up your data BUT you need to read the fine print to confirm what that means.

Backup rotations are a commonly used strategy to minimize, via re-use, the cost of providing multiple forms of redundancy.  The devil’s always in the details though, so you need to read the fine print and make sure your backup provider is providing more than just 1 day of backup retention. That does not help, for example, if you’re looking for a file or email from 2 weeks ago.

Comprehensive cloud services take the worry of backing up off your plate. The benefits of cloud-based services are numerous, but they are not all created equal.

You want a cloud service that is completely customizable to your business needs and can also host your e-mail, data, website, and applications. Storage that is scalable to meet your business demands and a nightly back-up is a must to ensure data security, integrity, and recovery.

It’s also advantageous to choose a hosting partner who staffs their data center and provides a help desk to address issues or concerns immediately. Hosted solutions (cloud computing) eliminate the need for hardware to store, purchase or maintain, but there is an annual subscription fee. Before signing, make sure you are getting all the services you need. If you are not sure, refer to an expert to help with the decision.

SmartHosting from IT Acceleration is a completely customized cloud solution which provides the benefits of cloud-based solutions mentioned above while providing an all-in-one solution to host the applications and data your business needs. Our helpdesk is integrated and second to none, providing immediate and knowledgeable support when required.

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