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Hassle-Free & Secure WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress is a popular website creation and management tool because it is cost-effective, flexible, easy to use, and has tons of support. Roughly 28% of new U.S. registered domains run on WordPress.

On the flip side, WordPress websites can be slow (a Google ranking factor) and a giant target for hackers. Non-technical website owners still have to worry about backing up their website, performing software and server upgrades, and getting help when they inevitably need it.

A WordPress managed hosting service allows you to remove yourself from the technical side of running a website. It is an affordable way of providing hassle-free, fast and secure hosting as a service. It’s an alternative to self-hosting or an unmanaged WordPress hosting environment that doesn’t address these vulnerabilities.

Why Use IT Acceleration?

IT Acceleration is a local (Philadelphia-area) managed WordPress hosting provider that is staffed 24/7 with seasoned technology, SEO and creative specialists.

  • We assume overall responsibility. We’ll migrate your website and data.
  • Our service includes mail hosting (whereas other providers typically do not).
  • Core WordPress engine upgrades are done for you. We’ll notify you before and after. You let us know if you want to opt out.
  • Plugins are updated for you. Another area that other providers neglect.
  • We have a fully functional staging environment. If you’re not ready for real-time, you can play around in our staging environment until you are. This also serves as pre-production for updates and enhancements.
  • Your cost is a fixed amount each month that covers everything from hosting to 24/7/365 support.

We also offer WordPress SEO services. We wrote a case study explaining why we see value in partnering WordPress Hosting and SEO services.

IT Acceleration Can Assist with All of Your IT Support Needs

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