Philadelphia IT Security and Network Audit Services

Protect Your Business Investments

Electronic information has made a profound impact on the way business is conducted. Better, faster and cheaper decisions can be made with easy access to accurate information. Mistakes, injuries, and costs can be minimized or avoided.

With benefit comes risk – the risk of electronic theft, fraud, lost income and opportunity. The risk that a key player leaves the organization and leaves you unprotected. An IT security and network audit surfaces vulnerabilities and recommends ways you can protect your business investments – human and technology.

Why Use IT Acceleration?

An ideal IT electronic risk, security, and network auditor will have IT, operational and financial know-how and experience. He or she will be able to discuss IP routing with the network folks in one hour, and hiring/firing practices or financial statements in the next.

The team at IT Acceleration understands technology and speaks the language of all business stakeholders. We translate complex technical problems into easy-to-understand business benefits so you can make well-informed decisions.

  • We are educated and seasoned technologists.
  • We are passionate about technology and on top of current advancements and trends.
  • We don’t just look for problems. We recognize, quantify and share potential opportunities.
  • We recommend solutions rather than Band-Aids.
  • We openly share and communicate findings and remedies along the way so your team can learn as we go.

IT Acceleration Can Assist with All of Your IT Support Needs

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