Philadelphia Forensic Data Collection Services

Efficient & Defensible Solutions for Forensic Data Collection

EZImager is a remote imaging appliance developed by ITAcceleration to help ease the burden and cost of forensic data collection.

EZImager forensic data collection device used by Philadelphia-area ITAcceleration

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Our industry has evolved from computer forensics to digital forensics, in part, due to the explosion of mobile and cellular devices with portable voice mail, email, text messages, images, browsing history, and global positioning system (GPS) tracking your movements and location.

These benefits come at a cost. Forensic data discovery and collection is greatly complicated by:

  • The sheer volume of data that needs to be collected
  • Its transience and persistence
  • The need for special interfaces and hardware to ensure secure and legally-defensible access, storage, and preservation of the data

On top of that, the range of operating systems and short product life cycles make it increasingly difficult for forensic experts to keep up with changing and new technologies.

Why Choose ITAcceleration?

Because of our IT backgrounds and current support efforts to our IT clients, ITAcceleration is different from other companies because we know, support and deploy current technologies for our clients. We have a keen, IT perspective and understanding of the changes that occur within technology that enhances our forensic capabilities.

We are collection experts for everything electronic, web-based, and database housed. We are always seeking and testing new, more efficient ways of collecting data for litigation.

With that in mind, we developed ITAcceleration’s EZImager, enabling fast, secure, legally-defensible, and affordable data collection from devices used by remote and scattered workforces – sales people on the road, telecommuters, and employees and devices in regional offices. Data collection can be completed remotely, securely, off-hours, and with significant cost and time savings.

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