Hard Drive & Data Recovery Services Philadelphia

Data Recovery Experts

ITAcceleration provides hard drive and data recovery services to clients in King of Prussia, 20 miles west of Philadelphia PAAny hard drive or device that holds electronic data is subject to the risk of data corruption and loss. It can occur at any time, at any level.

Storage devices are physical electronic and electromechanical devices subject to the everyday ordinary perils of neglect, environmental extremes and wear. Oftentimes, even a small change to one of the above factors can leave data intact but corrupted and inaccessible. In most cases, the data is present; the device itself may be the limiting factor.

Why Choose ITAcceleration?

We can recover intentionally or accidentally deleted data. In fact, we do it every day as part of our digital forensic services.

Our hard drive and data recovery services include:

  • Computer Hard Drives
  • Memory Thumb Sticks
  • USB External Drives
  • Memory Cards
  • Devices With Internal Memory (like cameras)
  • Mobile/Smartphones
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) Units
  • Backup Tapes
  • Encrypted Hard Drives
  • Hard Drives Infected With a Virus
  • Even a Scuba Diver’s Wristwatch

Cost of Hard Drive & Data Recovery Services

We charge a small, non-refundable fee for us to evaluate your situation and determine if and how recovery can be approached. You can use our findings to make an informed decision about whether you want to proceed further. 

To give you a general idea, a simple data recovery typically involves a hard drive that is operational but the data inaccessible. Corrupted boot sectors resulting in a “disk boot failure” can still provide a means to pull the data off. The cost to recover this data is usually less than $1,000.

Devices that are no longer operational often need to be repaired or dismantled just to enable access to the component housing the data that needs to be extracted. The recovery cost in these situations is usually $1,500 or more.

Contact us if you want to discuss your particular situation. All work is done locally in our King of Prussia facility, 20 miles west of Philadelphia.