System Access

Clearly the top priorities when considering cloud services are uptime and accessibility to data and applications. IT Acceleration has built a technically advanced hosted network, ensuring that speed and reliability are paramount. This design provides virtualized environments with plenty of resources. We achieved this and have the flexibility to continue to grow as demand increases.

Data Integrity

Behind the scenes, but more important to system access, is data integrity. IT Acceleration takes data integrity very seriously; without data, you might as well close up shop. Disaster recovery is routinely tested to provide complete restoration in a minimal amount of time. Client dedicated archiving technology, such as tape drives or removable media, are used to provide file-by-file data backups giving us the data retention timeframes that generic cloud services cannot match.

Managed Costs

The big benefit of cloud services is reduced cost: costs associated with server and network maintenance. It only makes sense then that cloud services should cost less when eliminating capital purchases from your IT budget. IT Acceleration provides budgeted resources and monthly licensing which allows for more flexibility when adding and eliminating staff. Your cost is a fixed amount which covers everything from hosting to support. No surprises and excellent support. Try finding that in the cloud.